Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee, San Francisco Region

  • The Taste.

    Milk Chocolate, Pear & Orange with a smooth creamy body

    Ideal for Espresso & Filter.

    The Story.

    In 1990, Emilio Jimenez Castro inherited 6 hectares of land from his father. The land was originally used for cattle, but when Emilio took over the land, he decided to invest in coffee. He purchased a further 7 hectares and established the Finca San Francisco. Alongside coffee, the farm also produces avocado, citrus & other fruits. The coffee from San Francisco is processed at The Association of Agricultural Producers of Acosta and Asserí.

    This association was established in September 1998, following the devastating destruction in the region by Hurricane Mitch. The association consists of more than 1,100 families producing coffee, citrus & farming cattle in the areas of Acosta, Jorco and Palmichal. They offer financial, commercial & technical assistance to members, and employs dedicated programs to improve the livelihoods of members of the community.

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